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SPR # JBIE5R4SCDFixed in 6.5.4 release

Product Area: R5/R6 Interoperability; Template Technical Area: Template Platform: Cross Platform

SPR# JBIE5R4SCD - Fixed a problem where a confirmation email was not sent to R5.x users who accept a reservation created in the ND6 template.

Technote Number: 1138413

This issue has been reported to Lotus Software Quality Engineering.

Steps To Reproduce Problem:

1. Set up a Domino 6.0.2 CF1 Server and create a Resource Reservations database
based off of the Domino 6.x template (Resrc60.ntf).
2. Create a site and room with autoprocessing enabled. Add at least one name to
the "List of Names" and remember the person you add to the "Owner's Names"
3. Issue the following command at the Domino server console to ensure the
resource owner settings are processed:

tell adminp process all

4. Using Notes 6.x Client switch Notes IDs to a user who is not listed in the
Owner Options for this resource.
5. Open the Resource Reservations database directly on the server and create a
reservation request for the resource/room you created in Step 2. Note that you
receive a pop-up window stating a request to the room owner has been sent.
6. Using a Notes 5.x Client, switch Notes IDs to the room owner and open your
mail file. Note the request for the room in your Inbox. Open it and click the
doclink. Once the pending request is opened, select Accept. Notice the
document switches to Edit mode and you now have the option to save and close.
Click the 'Save and Close' button.

At this point, the requestor of the resource will not receive a confirmation
email. If the resource owner instead uses a Notes 6.x Client to accept the
request, the requestor correctly receives a confirmation email. Furthermore,
the free time indicates that the room is busy during that time; so although the
requestor doesn't receive confirmation, the room is indeed booked.
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Last Modified on 12/07/2013

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